“Passing the Baton”
24 August 2017 - Geneva

Impact Hub Geneva continues to grow. More and more activities take place and that’s where the person in charge of the Hospitality and Events comes in. He is the perfect host who takes care of (almost) anything a Hub member may need. Our former host has left the Hub this month and a new one will take over. Time to give them both a proper welcome and goodbye.

 The old oneMax and Adrian handing over mics

For him it started six months ago. Max (right side of the first picture), born and raised in Geneva, travelled and studied in different continents, taught English to children in Tanzania and became passionate about photography. He immediately believed in the mission of the Impact Hub. From the very first moment this environment inspired him: the people, the team, the projects, the positivity. In the end it even inspired him enough to pursue his other dream: video making and photography.

“My hub adventure was one of the most insightful and enriching periods of my life”

The new one

For Adrian it will begin. Graduated from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, work experience in several hotels, restaurants and a small start-up in Panama. Loves to travel, likes extreme sports and is passionate about discovering foods (you can bribe him with snacks at the Hub). And did you know? It was actually his girlfriend who found the job opportunity. But she was a bit too shy to make a video of herself. “When she told me about the Hub and what it was, I just wanted to apply and try to get this job. Of course, she was very supportive and did not blame me for stealing her opportunity 😉 “

But what exactly are their responsibilities?

Working picture max and adrian 1

Max and Adrian: “Our job is making sure the space is welcoming and functional for anyone coming into the Hub, as well as hosting inspiring events and workshops for organizations. You can ask us anything regarding weekly activities, space bookings or public events.”

Preferred skills

Max: “Stress and unforeseen challenges are an integral part of our workflow. Being positive is in my opinion contagious, it will affect others and brings out the best in people.”

Adrian thinks the capability of adapting quickly could also help a lot. “My capability of adapting really quickly to any kind of situation and my power of endurance linked with my need for perfection of delivered work will be useful to the Hub.”

Highlights and Expectations

Max: I could pick one for each week but this years Impact Hub Global Gathering in Berlin was definitely one of my highlights. It gave me a first hand opportunity to meet the huge community of global entrepreneurs and change-makers who have the same mind-set and collaborative approach to tackle issues in very different local realities.”

Best event: “For me this was Geneveroule, an event that brilliantly combined different forms of art with a social statement and worldwide cuisine. People from all kinds of communities attended and it was a perfect example of the cultural wealth that exists in Geneva.

Difficult moments? “All the moments where something broke down, like the dishwasher at the beginning of a three days long Hackathon with hundred participants using the space!”

What I will miss the most? “The meaningful conversations with people and the incredible readiness to collaborate and help each other within the Hub, I have never seen this anywhere else.”

This is something Adrian is looking forward too: “I am excited to work with inspiring people. People who are willing to help one another at any given time and I would love to learn from of a growing organization, which is at the forefront of social entrepreneurship and always keeps “make a better world” in mind. I’m very happy to be part of a place that enables and facilitates start-up life in every aspect and organizes inspiring events for a broad audience.”

Max, any last words?

Thank you!! To the core team, to the Hubonauts, the members and Adrian who I am certain will do his best to keep help developing the Hub and it’s potential!

Questions for Adrian? You now know where to find him now! Pass by at the Hub where you can find him everyday or send an e-mail to adrian.schiesser@impacthub.ch

Want to follow Max on his journey outside of the Hub? Follow him on Instagram (@maxhamadou) or YouTube (@Max Bertocchi) where he regularly posts the most beautiful photos and videos of mountains and sunsets and more.