Meet our new Hospitality and Events Lead!
6 March 2018 - Geneva

Jeune Genevoise. She was born and raised in Geneva, is a talented singer (for fun in her spare time) and has a lot of experience with hosting conferences. That is in a nutshell Elodie Lombard, the new Hospitality and Events Lead. As of this month a new vibe, new ideas and a new spirit will enter the Impact Hub in Geneva!

Elodie finished, just like her predecessor, her bachelor at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. After graduating, she worked a year in Geneva and was responsible for organising big company events. Before work life became too convenient, she decided to enroll in a master, succeeded and is now ready for a new adventure!

But how did she end up in the Impact Hub?

“I discovered Impact Hub for the first time in 2014 in San Francisco when i did an internship there for another company called Swissnex. Some events of Swissnex took place in the Impact Hub there. It was in this Impact Hub that I found out about Flatev (a machine that prints tortilla’s). They were apparently Swiss based and active at the Impact Hub in Zurich. That’s when i started to follow the Hubs in Switzerland.

When i participated in the Food Hack I got to know Impact Hub Geneva. I still remember that it felt really welcoming the first time I went in and I kept thinking: this is the kind of environment I would like to work in!”

“First I need to settle in here but I do think it could be very interesting for the hospitality part to see how things work in other hubs. Maybe we discover that we could do things more efficient, that there are other community events that could be very interesting or that there are maybe simple adjustments we could apply that also work for our space.”

Plenty of ideas already! After three guys, we finally have a female community lead amongst us, what can we expect?

“I am not sure gender has any impact on this haha. I do have some new thoughts. I would for example like to make the weekly event schedules for visitors and members a bit easier to read. Next to this, I think it would be good to have a welcoming desk during (big) events.

The Hubonauts are already doing a great job when it comes to making people feel welcome in the space, but during specific events it could also be very helpful to welcome visitors through this welcoming desk and give them a good first impression. And last but not least: I would love to make the Hub a greener place by putting more plants and by introducing a system together with the Hubonauts to host the plants.”

« If it makes life easier on a larger scale I would like to introduce it. « 

What’s on the program the upcoming months?

There are too many cool events I would like to attend. So many things I would love to know more about. I also enjoy the community events. I think it’s so useful to share knowledge and to get to know each other better on different levels. Maybe one day I will introduce a new community event myself 😉

Furthermore I will be very busy upcoming months! I still have to get to know a lot of new members and there are some big upcoming events in the end of April.

I will also be busy outside of the Hub, since I am organising a big public salsa event with some friends. I love to dance salsa and Bachata and teach this in my spare time also to other people. Maybe i could even do some lessons at the Hub 😉

We are convinced that Elodie will bring a lot of fun, music and of course her event knowledge to the space! Interested in the salsa festival Elodie is organising? Find more information here

Questions for Elodie about the space or specific Impact Hub events? You now know where to find her 😉 Pass by at the Hub or send an e-mail to