Happiness Traps at Work
5 April 2018 - Geneva

Success in your work is something a lot of people desire from the very beginning. But in trying to achieve this, you might come up against some psychological barriers. Overthinking your ideas or comparing yourself with others, have you ever thought about what self-sabotage means for you?

Hear I Go

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-04 om 12.17.24Biliana Vassileva (picture on the left), Impact Hub member and “self-saboteur in-chief”, created ‘Hear I Go’ as a support network for people who want to stop themselves from getting in the way of reaching their dream.

The goal? To help ‘successful’ self-saboteurs become aware, transform their relationship with the enemy within, and accelerate the achievement of their dreams.

A monthly meeting

Every last Tuesday of the month, self-saboteurs of all levels are welcome to discuss different topics based on scientific research and literature selected by Biliana. The selection of topics is designed to facilitate awareness, presence and do-what-matters.

Work is just work

Last Tuesday’s subject and discussion was all about finding happiness in the professional field. Can we expect to find true happiness at work? I mean, its just work, no? Wait…

We have been brought up in an environment where people tend to think that work is just work and that we don’t really need to be happy there. But what if your work keeps you awake at night or if you have the feeling that all the things you need to do are becoming a bit overwhelming. Right, work is not always just work.

The Happiness Traps

In her book “How to become happy at work,” Annie McKee mentions a few traps that prevent happiness in the professional field. Next to the collective thought that work is just work, and it is not supposed to make us happy; there is another collective idea that people tend to believe. It’s the idea that the more we get promoted the more important we will become and the happier we will feel. But is this true? What about the time we want to spend with our friends and family, we sometimes tend to forget about this when we accept the promotion…

We often think that our goals will suffer if we focus on what makes us happy and that we should always strive to do our best. But by always striving to be the best, we deprive others from their opportunities to shine. How about taking turns?

“Too many people believe that if they’re successful, they’ll be happy. That’s backward. Happiness comes before success.”

Bring back the happiness!

Lucky for us there are a few key factors that can bring back our professional joy. A very important one is finding our purpose. Find the reason for doing what you do and live these reasons. And what about hope and optimism! Crucial in finding professional happiness. Hope and optimism are firm believes that your future can improve if you understand your needs. With this you can take action and create opportunities for yourself. And last but not least: our friends! Find people you can trust, a source of delight, somebody to make your work or your life outside of your work fun!

Curious to learn more about happiness and the search for it in your work? Read Annie McKee’s book!

Interested in attending one of the new events? The next subject on Tuesday 24th of April is all about confidence:

 « The Confidence Gap ».

The confidence gap

Does your mind give you all kinds of reasons why you should not do things that matter? Do you hear a voice inside telling you: “I am too busy”, “I am too tired, “It’s too hard” or “I’ve got no motivation.” These are perfectly normal thoughts that all human beings have at times, yet what makes the real difference is how we respond to them.

Join “The Confidence Gap” workshop, to learn about a new way to respond to these thoughts; a way to take all the power out of them, so no matter how negative the stuff in your head is, you can still take action to do what truly matters to you.

Are you impatient, and want to learn immediately? Grab Dr. Russ Harris’ book “The Confidence Gap – A Guide to Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt”

Interested in the self-sabotage network or ideas to share? Have a chat with Biliana or contact her to find more info.