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Virtual Communities: Adapting to digital and remote connections

Apr 14th
18:00 - 20:00
Virtual Communities: Adapting to digital and remote connections

This month, we are moving online!

For our first virtual meetup we will have speakers from the International Management School Geneva, Dorier, Versus Virus Hackathon and Podiobox, who will give us a tour around Covid-19 and its impact on the life, work of everyone.

The meetup will be as follows:

1. The science related to confinement, political impact, cognitive constraints
By Ewa Miendlarzewska, PhD Associate Professor at International Management School Geneva – Neuroscience and Management
Ewa is a neuroscientist specialized in emotions and memory teaches “Neuroscience for Managers”, “Psychology of Finance” and various masterclasses and workshops applying neuroscience to everyday problems (e.g., Neuroscience of Design Thinking; Future-thinking workshop). She offers independent neuroscientific research consulting is interested in research projects related to “Brain Optimization”, i.e. sustainable leadership, future of work, well-being and education. She has just launched the mind formation academy: http://mindformationacademy.mystrikingly.com

2. News from the Front
Jonathon Potard (virtual production manager) and David Granite (creative technologist) from Dorier share their experiences in using digital planning and integrations using different elements like emotion, attention, interaction, and retention.

3. Hope from the Front
Versus Virus Hackathon outcomes to follow solving for our most pressing challenges explained by Gavin Lancaster

4. Pitch in 5 minutes from Podiobox
Podiobox will present their technology and service in a 5 minutes presentation. PodioBox is a platform for anyone presenting at conferences, lessons and for marketing that allows to have a better interaction between the speaker and the listener.

Please share this event with everyone for whom this virtual meetup will be important.


Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/739325253

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