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TEDCircle of TEDxZurich & Impact Hub Zürich

Jan 26th
18:30 - 21:00
Zurich, Colab

Have you been craving some social exchange around big ideas lately? Well then TEDCircles is just the place for you!!


Since 2006 TED talks – talks spanning across and between the disciplines of Technology, Entertainment, and Design – have inspired individuals to grow, learn or reach beyond their comfort zones by bringing complex ideas and aweinspring innovations to the public. And, the conversation generally doesn’t end there!

TED talks have permeated pop-culture, referenced in Films and Series or the News. Perhaps, you’ve even had friends recommend “The Superman Pose” before going into an important meeting (Stemming from Amy Cuddy’s now infamous talk “Your body language may shape who you are”).


The point is “Ideas worth Spreading” are also worth discussing and debating.

With TEDCircles we want to bring together a community of curious minds that can exchange their perspectives on some of these groundbreaking ideas.

Collective knowledge becomes richer when we reflect and share our thinking. At TEDCircle we will together watch a TED talk and then debate and discuss the idea presented, in order to dive deeper into the topic.

Hopefully, we might even get a little smarter along the way 😉


Join TEDxZurich & ImpactHub’s first TEDCircle, January 26th, 2022 and kick off the new year in an exciting way!

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