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Second edition: Entrepreneurship in critical times

Apr 16th
9:00 - 10:00

TOPIC: Entrepreneurship in critical times: Emotional Self-Regulation and  Leadership

How do we stay grounded and lead ourselves and others in critical times? How can we face all kinds of difficult emotions and situations without being overwhelmed, learn to self-regulate and lead from a place of authenticity?  Based on neuroscience, developmental psychology and interpersonal neurobiology, Axel Dubinski is going to share helpful perspectives and show some helping tools and techniques. After an introductory interview and thematic exploration between Axel Dubinski and Joscha Lautner (Facilitator), there will be an  opportunity for attendees to share and explore experiences from their own context with Axel directly.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Axel Dubinski is an expert in navigating transformative processes in rough times. As a coach and therapist, he develops new concepts for trauma resolution. Decades of experience in serving as an instructor, manager and board member as part of a global automotive holding, plus more than 25 years of work experience as a trainer, coach and therapist, Axel works with Individuals, Social Entrepreneurs, family-owned business and CEOs alike. He enables people and organizations to change trauma into milestones of inner and outer growth.


LIVE with Impact Hub is a series of online global events that inspire, connect and enable a multi-location audience of entrepreneurs, ventures, organizations and companies around strategic topics such as Community Building, Impact Creation, Innovation, the Sustainable Development Goals, etc.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, these events are more focused on subjects related to Remote Work, Wellbeing in Times of Isolation, How-to Manage your Business in Times of Disruption and many more that will enhance the support we provide to entrepreneurs and ventures at this moment. 




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