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InFlow Connection Workshops

Jun 17th
18:00 - 19:30
Impact Hub Geneva - Grand Salon

The Covid pandemic has disrupted how we spend time with each other and ourselves – both the “screen time” and “me-time”. Because of the well planned meetings and the new forms of organization, we’ve lost a lot of the playful, informal and the wordless aspects of our interactions that bring a sense of real connection into our lives. 
Tuuli and Romain are here to change that!

If you would like to spend a moment of embodied presence and reconnection, come join us in these Inflow Connection workshops, the 20th May and/or 17th June!

We have a limited space for 15 participants per workshop, so sign up via e-mail and come follow your flow.


The workshops will be essentially held in English, but French speakers are welcome!

Free entry.


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