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Impact Hub Geneva Reopening (For Hub Members Only)

May 11th - Jun 8th
9:00 - 17:00
Impact Hub Geneva

Following the Conseil Fédéral’s recent announcement regarding the three-stage reopening of establishments, we are reopening Impact Hub Geneva on 11 May 2020. The opening times are strictly from 9H00 until 17h00 and only on weekdays

It will be a partial or soft opening and only a limited number of people are granted access to the Hub.

Mainly the Hub Members are prioritised and given access to the co-working and meeting spaces.


I. Pre-booking and confirmation co-working space: 
Members need to pre-book the day they want to work and they will receive an email as confirmation. Only members having received the confirmation will be hosted. They can only book the whole day

For hygiene reasons, the same table won’t be used by two persons during the same day. The cleaning service will do deep cleaning at the end of every day. 

II. Pre-booking process for co-working space:
Co-working spaces are available for our Members to use.
Pleases notify us with the following information:

(A) Full Name (First and Last Name)
(B) Which date(s) to co-work in the Hub
and send to membership.geneva@impacthub.ch

III. Pre-booking process for Meeting Rooms (Boardroom, Brainstorming Room and Study Room):
Meeting Rooms can be reserved only by our Members.
The same procedure goes as before which is to book online in our website at: https://geneva.impacthub.ch/book/room/

Only a maximum of 2 people are permitted in each Meeting Room.
A) 1 Member
B) 1 other Member OR 1 external guest

IV: Other important points for pre-booking:

  • pre-book space requests should be sent at least 24h before using space
  • The pre-book period is from 11 may to 8 juin, extendable to the end of juin.

V. Cups, utensils and dishes cleaning:
As expected and same as before, Members will put their cups in the dishwasher by themselves. If the dishwasher is full or in operation, please CLAYGO (CLean As You GO) and manually clean what has been used.

We will show social solidarity and observe physical distancing, while applying strict hygiene measures as the Hub is disinfected and cleaned accordingly, after each end of working day.

We will follow closely the upcoming announcements from the Confederation and update when applicable.

See you soon!

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