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Diversity & Inclusion Workshops – Values and Trust (session2)

Apr 29th
9:00 - 12:00
Impact Hub Geneva
CHF210 – CHF280

Connecting to the greater good: Leading with personal and professional values that enhance inclusivity

* This workshop will be give in french, too, during the afternoon of the same day.


This workshop aims first at the individual and provides a pathway for personal values clarification and how to connect to and embody professional and organizational values. It will provide tools for how D&I work can be rooted in unifying values. It also paves the way for the following three workshops on unconscious bias, sexual harassment, and bystander intervention.


What you gain: With this session, you will reconnect to your values and feel empowered to embody them in action; you will also have a simple technique to apply values clarification in teams and render organizational values more meaningful, concrete, and measurable. You will also have a very clear understanding of trust in the workplace and how it applies to everyday behaviours and performance.

Price: 280.- incl. TVA / 25% reduction for members, by writing to membership.geneva@impacthub.ch


This workshop series is organised by HumanImpact5 in cooperation with Impact Hub Geneva, in support of IHG strategy to advance and promote Diversity and Inclusion.

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