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Diversity & Inclusion Workshops – Unconscious bias (session3)

May 20th
9:00 - 12:00
Impact Hub Geneva
CHF210 – CHF280

What are we thinking? Dealing with unconscious bias in everyday work.

* This workshop will be give in french, too, during the afternoon of the same day.


What lies behind what we often call ‘intuition’ or ‘gut feeling’? How much of our workplace interactions, choices and decisions, and ‘objective’ evaluations at work are rooted in our true rational and conscious mind? This session is the start of a journey into understanding, n acknowledging, challenging, and training ourselves to reduce implicit bias in our workplace interactions. It provides a key to removing barriers to inclusion, to better performance, and to decision making.


What you gain: With this workshop, you will have insight into how unconscious bias plays out in various workplace situations and the benefits of addressing it; you will have a personal view of your own unconscious biases and how to train yourself to reduce them. You will have starter tools to introduce and apply unconscious bias-reducing techniques in the workplace.

Price: 280.- incl. TVA / 25% reduction for members, by writing to membership.geneva@impacthub.ch


This workshop series is organised by HumanImpact5 in cooperation with Impact Hub Geneva, in support of IHG strategy to advance and promote Diversity and Inclusion.

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