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Digital Nomad’s Coffee

Mar 23rd
18:00 - 18:30
Online Event

The shift to remote work made us stronger, more productive, more fulfilled. It reduced our carbon footprint and allowed many people to benefit from the digital nomad lifestyle. But remote events and gatherings still lack natural social interactions and participant engagement. We are still not offered a real chance to get to know other participants, build connections, discover opportunities, be spontaneous and have fun. The difficulty of socialising with colleagues remotely still impacts our well-being, morale and limits our potential.

Digital Nomads and remote workers are often cut from social activities. Remote places don’t offer the same level of networking opportunities as large hubs, even if co-working or co-living spaces are available. The lack of social interaction opportunities can result in feelings of loneliness, isolation and limits nomads’ potential. Nomads want to discover new people, job opportunities and synergies. Beginner nomads need guidance, and seasoned nomads are happy to provide it and share their stories.


This series of meetups allows us to discover opportunities wherever we are: golden beach, mountain retreat, to urban co-working desk. A regular social meetup sparking new, meaningful connections between digital nomads and remote workers.

Each time you join, you’ll meet at least 4 new people or discover entirely new common interests with those you already know. This weekly social meetup will last 30 minutes and bring us closer. Remotely.


Dates and times:

Wed. 16th March – 2am-2:30am / 10am-10:30am / 6pm-6:30pm CET

Wed. 23rd March – 2am-2:30am / 10am-10:30am / 6pm-6:30pm CET

Wed. 30th March – 2am-2:30am / 10am-10:30am / 6pm-6:30pm CEST

Select the date and time of your choice through the registration link above!

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