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Community Management for Startups Workshop (by Google for Startups)

Aug 30th
11:30 - 13:00
Online Event

Communities are becoming one of the key competitive advantages for startups in creating and delivering value, as well as reaching exponential growth. In this workshop you will explore the key components for creating and managing successful communities tailored to your startup’s needs. You will walk out of the workshop with your own Startup Community Canvas strategy, and be ready to get started right away.


Learning objectives:

  • Understand the value of community-driven growth for startups at different stages
  • Learn about the key building blocks for creating and managing a community
  • Work through the components of building your own strategy using the Startup Community Canvas, specially designed for the GfS Accelerators.


Ideal Audience:

Startups who plan to interact with a wide range of clients, whether those are end customers or businesses. CMOs and founders should attend and be prepared to dedicate 30 minutes within the workshop to build out their own Startup Community Canvas.

Please join the workshop via this link, for any questions write us by email.

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