Circular Economy Incubator is out
11 October 2018 - lausanne

Tomorrow’s economy is circular! You have all heard that, right? Now it is time to put ideas into action with the Circular Economy Initiative.

The idea of circular economy does sound amazing on paper: to create new businesses, services and products that design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use and generate natural systems. We here at Impact Hub believe the move toward a circular economy to be key for a sustainable future.

But how to put that brilliant idea into action? And, since we are talking about business here, how to make money of it? If it does not seem evident to you, no worries. That is exactly why we decided to create the Circular Economy Start-up Challenge – to help make dreams a reality.

The Circular Economy Initiative is the first national initiative between the five Impact Hubs of Switzerland. Together we call for applications for a Circular Economy Start-up Challenge – a 4-month incubator program, which will help individuals, entrepreneurs and start-ups to integrate circularity in their projects and business models.

We will select several projects per city, who will then work on implementing their solutions and validating their business models, with the support from high-level mentors, experts and our network of impact investors. The participants will also be given a membership to the Impact Hub.

If you are as thrilled as we are, hurry up! We take applications until November 11th.

Could it be me? Anybody with a brilliant idea can apply! Whether it is a business model that needs mentoring, or a product prototype in development, it does not matter. The program is open for both enterprises and individuals.

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We are here to help! We will organize workshops for helping you in ideation and business modeling. The workshops will take place in Lausanne on 30th of October and in Geneva on 1st of November.

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And this is not all. The Start-up Challenge is just a start! In January 2019, we will open a business lab for small and medium enterprises and large corporations. There will also be Research Policy Advice available, as well as Local Community Building through regular events.

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