Bring your impact to life!
20 September 2017 - Geneva

Having the right business model in place, finding the right organizational structure and make useful connections can be tough tasks in your entrepreneurial journey. But there’s good news for all those entrepreneurs out there who are struggling and it’s called Pulse. A four months incubation program, hosted for the second time, which aims to support entrepreneurs to take those ideas to the next level by building a sustainable business model.

The kick-off

JoseOn Tuesday 19th of September the first Pulse kick-off event took place. People who were still in doubt whether to subscribe or not had the opportunity to meet other potential entrepreneurs and former winners. Jose Filipe Silva, responsible for launching the program, hosted the event by providing useful information, followed by a small workshop to activate the entrepreneurial brains. The challenge for the evening? Design a business model for another person!

atelierHere is a quick summary for all those people who could not attend the evening but who are still interested in Pulse: is your company in a very early stage of development (less than 2 years), Swiss based, innovative and impact driven? Read on because these are the criteria to apply for the program. Are you looking for a mentor, an experienced entrepreneur who can help you along your journey? Do you have specific questions or needs regarding fundraising, impact measurement, legal structure, marketing or communication? Do you want a space to work from, a useful network? Pulse provides all of these things in the program.

What’s in it for you?

The Port: “The kick-start of Pulse really helped us enable to do everything in fast speed. It was mostly the network and the ability to do things together which proved useful. For us the Impact Hub was not only a service or space provider, they really became a potential partner in organizing events.”

Le Nid: “For us the Pulse program really opened a new network of useful contacts, a lively community. To all entrepreneurs I want to say: Don’t hesitate to begin! Always believe in yourself and just go for it!”

And you better be quick. The deadline for application will exceed this week!

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