And the winners are…
20 December 2018 - lausanne

Circular Economy Incubator finalists have been chosen and the incubation can begin!

What an autumn has it been! When we announced the launch of the Circular Economy Incubator in September, we knew it was going to be wonderful; but still the pitches, their quality and innovation exceeded our expectations.

“We were very happy to see how many people were ready to tackle the challenge and how well the applicants integrated the circular economy element in their projects. Each applicant had a different angle, so it was very hard to choose the finalists”, explains Mickaël Mesbauer, program co-coordinator from Impact Hub Geneva.

In the whole country, more than 130 applications were send, and the 26 finalists were selected by an external jury. Here are the selected projects from Geneva:

FlitOut attacks the challenge of un- or underused sports equipments and aims to develop a seamless renting experience for sports fans by creating a web platform that connects rental shops and customers.

Keepa wants to limit the amount of waste generated by single-use containers and offers a supply and wash system for reusable dishes that could replace the take-away containers in home delivery for example.

Konoï aspires to solve health issues with hemp products that are produced locally and organically, while regenerative economy and waste recycling are also taken into account in the process.La Corde à Linge proposes an environment friendly laundry detergent that is also sold in reusable bottles to minimise waste. The biodegradable product is produced mostly with local ingredients.

La Manivelle is a library of products you can lend and borrow. Why buy when you can share?

Le Laboratoire de Souliers aims to manufacture recyclable footwear on a large scale in Europe.

Congratulations, everyone!

“The finalists come from different backgrounds and they have entrepreneurial experience, so the project will also profit from their valuable insight. We are really looking forward to the incubation period”, Mickaël Mesbauer says.

The incubation begins in January with a Meet & Match event, where the finalists are matched with their perfect mentors. Then local, regional and national trainings and workshops will follow.

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