8 tools that make you more efficient (but not broke)
14 December 2018 - lausanne

Right tools and apps can save you time and money, but how to find them? Here are some of the Impact Hub Geneva’s members’ favorites.


1 Trello for task management

Trello is a comprehensive task and project management tool, that comes with a free plan and paid upgrades and extensions. It suits also perfectly for small teams. The big upside of Trello is that you can have under your eyes at the same time your goals and objectives and your day’s or week’s to do list. Things can be labeled and thus easily found. The downside on the other hand is that many practical features come with additional cost.

Good choices for teams are also Asana and Freedcamp. If you wish to find a simpler and quicker solution, try Google Keep, Anydo or Todoist.

2 Zoho for easy accounting

Zoho is an accounting and invoicing tool that makes bookkeeping so much easier, quicker and even more fun. If you hate accounting but can not invest in an accountant in flesh and blood just yet, try out Zoho or another good option, Wave, that is completely free.

3 Toggl to know where your time goes

Toggl is a time tracking tool that allows you to track where your precious hours exactly go. When you start a task, click, and when you finish, click again, and Toggl automatically generates reports for you. The tool helps anybody, because it also makes you conscious about all the little disruptions and helps you concentrate, but it is especially valuable for freelancers who wish to know how many hours a certain project or client has taken.

4 Calendly to get rid of endless scheduling emails

“Hey, could we meet on Monday?” “No, but Tuesday is good for me.” “Oh, wait, another person just booked my Tuesday afternoon while I waited for your reply. Would Wednesday work after all?”

Want to get rid of all that? Me too. Fortunately there is Calendly. You can propose meeting through the app, and once it is connected to your calendar, those two take care of your planning for you.

5 Gsuite to house everything under one roof

Google’s tools are all pretty good, and if you have their email, you’ll probably want to enjoy their other services too. It is relaxing to have everything under the same roof and connected: your emails, calendar, documents and to do lists. For personalised email addresses you have to pay a little extra, but if you don’t mind that gmail.com at the end, it is completely free.

6 Zapier for automation

Zapier makes your apps discuss with each other. Let’s take an example: you create a new project in your task management app. And in a “zap” Zapier can automatically create a new invoice in your accounting app, so when the project is finished, the invoice just waits for your approval. Saves time and your precious brain cells, when you do not have to think about all that every single time.

7 Lucidchart for process planning

Lucidchart is an easy tool for mapping processes or creating mindmaps and diagrams. It pleases particularly people who like to figure things out visually.

 8 Good old paper calendar

A paper calendar has it perks. It is perfect for planning your day in detail or for timeblocking. Wait, what was that again? Stay tuned and we will be back with some time and money saving productivity hacks later.

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