5 tips for a stress-free and efficient January
7 January 2019 - lausanne

Time to get back in business! Oh no, don’t get anxious or stressed. Check out these tips and start your January with a happy and relaxed smile on your face.

  1. Prepare correctly

Okei, it might be a little late for that, but… When you left your office or closed your laptop before holidays, did you think of coming back at all? If you prepare a task list before leaving, it is easy to pick up where you left off a week or ten days ago. If you did not do that, take time for it first thing in the morning. Sit down, have a cup of coffee and let it come back to you. What needs to be done today?

  1. Take a power pose

Remember a few weeks ago when we wrote about stress management techniques that help in situations like… well, today, when you come back from holidays and have a gazillion unopened emails waiting for you? Now, let’s try if those techniques really work. Before attacking that mailbox, take a power pose. Get up on your feet, put your hands on your hips and have a few deep breaths. Do you feel powerful now? Then go, tackle those messages!


  1. Start on Wednesday or Thursday

The first week after holidays can be tiring. Don’t make it even more difficult for you by starting on a Monday. Start your week on a Wednesday or Thursday, so you only have to make it through two or three days before the weekend.

  1. Meditate

A 20-minute meditation before your workday can help you be more concentrated and productive. It allows you to clear your head and focus on the day’s work.

  1. And the next time…


Think of formulating your out of office message a little bit differently. Time management specialists recommend something like this: “Thank you for your message. I am out of office until 2.1.2019 and do not have access to my emails. Please contact me again in January.” This means you do not have
to go through every single message in your inbox with such a care and attention.

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